Visit Game of Thrones locations in Malta


Re-living the Game of Thrones magic is easier and closer than you think. Visit the draw-dropping location scenery of Malta with direct flights from East Midlands Airport. From EMA to Luqa: flight time - 3 hours, 35 minutes

The Red Keep: The San Anton Palace

This beautiful setting (the official residence of the President of Malta) was heavily featured throughout Season 1, where it doubles as part of the Red Keep exterior. 

- Road trip from Luqa to San Anton Palace, a short 21 minute drive!



King's Landing Gate: Mdina

Malta’s original capital (pronounced Imdina) is a sight to behold. Rightly so, it’s a principal spot for GoT enthusiasts. Perched proudly on top of the island, its medieval walls encircle a rich tapestry of museums, shops and quaint alleys.

- Road trip from San Anton Palace to Mdina - 11-minute drive!


Great Sept Of Baelor: Fort Manoel

Fort Manoel is a stunning military fortification built in the 18th century by The Order of Saint John, situated on the Manoel Island in Gzira. Fans may remember this as the site in which Ned Stark lost his head, literally.

- Road trip from Mdina to Fort Manoel is reachable in just half an hour’s drive.


The Red Keep: Fort St. Angelo 

Fort St. Angelo was used for some of the scenes of Arya chasing cats in the Red Keep and its unique appearance sits proudly on the Croatian coastline.

- Road trip from Fort Manoel to Fort St. Angelo (Gzira) is only a 7 minute drive.


Daenery's And Drogos Wedding: Azure Window

Home to D & D’s wedding, the beautiful arch stood proud for many decades, however, sadly crumbled in stormy weather in 2017.





The Red Keep: Fort Ricasoli

Home to the Red Keep, the beautiful gateway to Malta’s port has fallen victim to the sea corrosion and has now unfortunately been inaccessible to the public since 2013.