Tis the season for some sunshine,

Tis the season for some sunshine


Increasing numbers of East Midlanders are seeking winter sunshine this Christmas.

East Midlands Airport (EMA) is reporting an increase in passenger numbers in the week prior to Christmas Day compared with last year.

In the seven days leading up to Christmas this year, 63,446 passengers are forecast to fly to and from the Airport compared with last year’s 53,424 passengers.

Figures suggest that Sunday 17 December is likely to have been December's busiest day. 9194 passengers flew to and from the airport to popular destinations including the Canary Islands of Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Heidi Barlow, EMA’s Head of Marketing, says: “It seems that the lure of winter sun is more appealing than colder and, perhaps, more seasonal destinations; the Canaries, where you’re guaranteed some warmth, are proving a popular destination this Christmas.”

Passengers flying away for Christmas are urged to think carefully about what they pack. The airport is advising against bringing items such as party poppers and Christmas crackers.

Nick Maltby, EMA’s Security Compliance Manager, says: “Despite jetting off to sunnier destinations, many passengers want to retain some elements of a traditional Christmas. One year, a couple arrived with a cooked Turkey wrapped in tin foil to keep it warm in the fear that it wouldn’t be possible to buy one in Tenerife. They were allowed to take it on board but I’m not sure what condition the Turkey was when they arrived! Cooked birds aside, we do urge passengers to be sensible about what they bring; things that make loud explosive noises such as party poppers are a no-no, and some operators don’t allow crackers on board. Brandy sauce, custard, cranberry sauce can't be taken in hand luggage unless smaller than 100ml and in a clear 20cm x 20cm bag." 

As always, we recommend passengers check with their airline before travelling.”

East Midlands Airport attracts just under 5m passengers a year who fly to over 80 destinations in Europe and to Orlando in the US, and Cancun in Mexico.