Location, location, location – key to a successful marriage proposal is the setting


Love is in the air at East Midlands Airport this February with 2020 providing two perfect excuses to jet off to romantic destinations to propose to your loved one.

Love is in the air at East Midlands Airport (EMA) this February with 2020 providing two perfect excuses for jetting off somewhere for the all-important marriage proposal.

Whether it’s a city break in the UK and Europe, or a weekend by the beach, several very appealing romantic get-away destinations are easily reachable on a flight from EMA.

Valentine’s Day falls conveniently on a Friday, making a long romantic weekend very possible. But 2020 is also a leap year which means that, according to Irish folklore, Saturday 29 February is the perfect chance for a woman to take matters into her own hands by proposing to her suitor.

European city break - Prague, Amsterdam and Barcelona

BarcelonaEuropean cities have a natural romance about them. No more so than Prague, Amsterdam or Barcelona which provide great backdrops for a marriage proposal. These beautiful and cosmopolitan places have stunning iconic buildings (ideal for the selfie) and fantastic architecture, as well as a great choice of restaurants and international cuisine for the perfect candlelit dinner.

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Sunshine by the sea - Malaga or the Canaries

Malaga might not be the first place that people consider when thinking about where to whisk a loved one off to for a romantic weekend. However, there is so much more to one of Spain’s oldest cities than most people realise. For many, Malaga is the arrival airport for those travelling onto to the big resorts on the Costa del Sol, but the city itself is well worth exploring. The hallmarks of its rich past can be seen everywhere; the cobbled streets of the old quarter, its mountainside Roman Amphitheatre, the Moorish citadels of the Alcazaba and Gilfarbaro. It’s also a city full of rooftop bars, gleaming boutique stores and nearby beaches to explore, ideal for romantic walks on the shores of the Mediterranean.

If, however, guaranteed sunshine and warmth in February is a must, it would be worth taking a longer flight to the Canaries. A beach-side marriage proposal against a beautiful setting sun shimmering over the sea would definitely create the right ambience.

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Edinburgh, DublinDublin

If time is of the essence, then perhaps try somewhere closer to home? Edinburgh is quite unlike any other British city; fine Georgian architecture and a medieval heart. Mix-in some truly stunning natural beauty – not to mention some particularly welcoming pubs and bars - and it’s the perfect place for a marriage proposal.

Or how about a quick hop across the Irish Sea to Dublin to visit the patron saint of lovers - St Valentine? The saint’s remains are found at the Carmelite Church on Whitefriar Street, thanks to a gift by Pope Gregory XVI in 1836. The Whitefriar Street shrine to St Valentine continues to be a place for those celebrating love, and a special ‘blessing of the rings’ ceremony for couples intending to marry is held here on St. Valentine’s Day. With hundreds of pubs in the capital, it’s easy to find a cosy table to snuggle up at afterwards.

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Getting an engagement ring through securityEMA's air traffic control tower

For the remainder of February, East Midlands Airport is putting in place procedures to avoid scuppering the marriage ‘proposal’ and the awkward situation of engagement rings being discovered during hand-luggage bag searches.

Anyone taking an engagement ring with them through security at EMA can contact the airport in advance of their travel to obtain a ‘secret password’. Passengers who say the ‘password’ to security staff will be separated from their companion into a different security lane so that their bag can be searched away from the gaze of whoever they are travelling with.

To find out what the secret code is, passengers should email EMAinternalcomms@eastmidlandsairport.com in advance of their travel.